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So, from my point of view, I prefer to have a vacation at Cameron Highlands than Teluk Kemang. Inside Pahang there are many interesting places. George Town in Penang, Malaysia, has the best street food in Asia, argues John Brunton.

The No. 1 Theme Park in Malaysia. A true FUN destination with exciting rides & games in a natural environment. It's time to play. I have visited a lot of places around the world. Traveling is fun to me and its very interesting to me. Looking to learn more history about countries with their cultures trying new things around their culture their past because if you wanna look at the future of somthing look at the past.

Finally, on 7th Julyafter 12 long years of assessment after applying, Penang Island has finally achieved its recognition as one of the UNESCO Heritage Status together with the state of Malacca where its uniqueness in architectural and cultural landscape in it towns makes it so special compared to any other places (Malaysian Explorer, ) The title has enabled the state to promote to use it as a new.

The Penang National Park is located near Teluk Bahang at the Northeast corner of Penang Island and fronts the Straits of Malacca.

It is about 30 km (45 minutes ride) from George Town, which is located approximately km north of Kuala Lumpur.

Essay about interesting place in penang
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