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Medellin: How the Metro Culture and the integration of the Comunas has changed the city.

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Powerful Photos Capture Impact of 'Narco Aesthetic' In Medellín, Colombia

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Definitive women are gorgeous. Flower Festival in Medellin, Colombia - A photo essay. Read it. Fería de Las Flores A photo essay. Flower Festival in Medellin, Colombia - A photo essay ¿A ti qué te gusta de Medellín?

from Pinterest. Find this Pin and more on We are Colombians by Yvonne Hartley. Colombia - Travel Guide Colombia - Off the beaten tracks.

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Best Universities in Medellin for International Students. I first traveled to Colombia in January as a volunteer English instructor. My first impressions of the country were in stark contrast to its reputation. People were friendly and happy, and cities lacked the sense of danger the country’s reputation perpetuated.

I lived in Manizales and Pereira. Apr 05,  · In Colombia, however, lunch is a serious there are the exceptions to the rule, I would say the majority of Colombians have about a 2 hour lunch break during which most Colombians go home, have lunch with their family, and even have a.

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