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Overvaluing American Values

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Best African American Essays [Gerald Early, Randall Kennedy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is the superb second edition of the annual anthology devoted to the best nonfiction writing by African American authors—provocative works from an unprecedented and unforgettable year when truth was stranger (and more inspiring) than fiction.

But it is hobbled by one essential weakness: It is based on American "values." Save for the introduction and the conclusion, each chapter is devoted to the explication and application of a particular American value. Focus on the values reflected through the main characters and the values reflected in general in American culture.

Woody Allen was born inand is an American writer (and a movie director, screenwriter, actor, comedian and playwright) who is born and raised in New York City. One of the values that are the most important is honesty, honesty is a clear conscience "before me and before my fellow human beings." Honesty is the awareness of what is right and appropriate in one's role, one's behavior, and one relationship.

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