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In Europe, religion played a great role in public life as it was challenged by the illumination in the twilight of 17 th and 18 th centuries. The growth of secularism that meant social rules could no longer be focused on religious philosophies. Fair and balanced study about religion on the secondary school level includes critical thinking about historical events involving religious traditions.

Teachers should remember that religious beliefs have been at the heart of some of the best and some of the worst developments in the history of the world. In my experience religion in high schools is something that should be reserved for Religious Schools. I think it is something that while so important to a person's faith life should be reserved by the rights that our country has presented us with.

Religion in Schools in New Zealand: Your essay should not merely describe a religious community’s general beliefs or practices, though you may choose to consider how a specific group differs from the more widespread form of the religion concerned or how its beliefs have changed in recent times.

Religion is a much needed aspect to make the world go around. Without it we have nothing to live or look forward to. Having religion involved in school curriculum has been a main issue for many years and will always be an ongoing controversy.5/5(1).

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Since public schools are an arm of government, the concept of such schools being "religion-free zones" seems reasonable to many people -- even school officials. In reality, the same Amendment also guarantees individual freedom of religious belief, speech, assembly, etc.

Essays about religion in school
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