Should teachers be allowed to carry guns

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In light of mass shootings at schools and universities in the United States, many say the.

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns on Campus?

Some teachers and staff in the Harrold, Texas, school district where Thweatt is superintendent carry concealed guns in the school as the last line of defense in the event of a shooting on campus. Nearly 75% of teachers oppose the idea of being trained to carry guns in schools, a new survey finds.

According to an online Gallup survey released Friday, 63% surveyed strongly opposed the idea. The reality of the situation should/would be more like Utah; where teachers with concealed carry permits are allowed to carry if they want to. The process would be self selecting to some degree considering the livelihood of the teacher and the lives of the students are potentially at stake.

The debate of whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school is very heated and continues to dilemma the minds of many. However, both the supportive and opposing parties have good grounds that can be used to choose.

Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons at school? Should teachers be allowed to carry guns
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